You know the feeling, you have to drive backwards, either you are parking or took the wrong turn and ended up in a dead end road.. wahtever the reason, you have to lead your auto in way that is not natural and with tools are not designed for that (otherwise we could rotate the driving seat like a turret of a tank ) . yes, yes, the new autos are better prepared: they have cameras and warnings sensors and all that fuss... but still you have to steer the car into safe position.

Got the picture?

that´s how an analyst is looking into the financials of a company every day! They look backwards trough the mirrors of the Balance Sheet and the cameras of the Income Statement, sometimes they even have the sensors of the Cash Flow Statement, but they are asked to check if the auto can drive to destination without seizure the engine... Sometimes they are even blamed for not seeing that a puncture tyre will cause an accident in 200KM.... :D

The idea is that looking at the mirror they can see if the road is bumpy or a curvy mountain road or a high speed one..., they can see if the driver (the managment) is manouvering dangerourly or they are taking always safer (and slower) routes ... and then assume that the future will be a copycat of the recent past..